January 6, 2010

Mini Bloggers

It cracks me up that Sariah was sooo excited to have an email address and a blog of her very own and has filled the blog with YouTube videos, "music-to-read-by" and buttons & bling. Her favorite video is from the "Hillywood" crew - the Twilight Parody. Go to YouTube and check it out! Very cute. Actually...I'll try to put it here so you can see it. Here goes...(dramatic pause)

Sariah is very excited to be a teenager in 3 more days...I'm not sure of the changes that the magic number will bring. Maybe more respectful tones of voice? Maybe??? Please? Oh well, I guess everyone needs to find their voce and learn how to use it effecively.

Miranda also has a blog (attached to my own). I love that she wanted a blog, got one and hasn't written but twice. No addiction there! Such a "time" in life. Caught between childhood and teenager. I guess that's where the term "Tween" came from. Miranda scampered out in her froggie footie-jammies to make sure that we had cookies and milk out for Santa. She is concerned about her looks and the fit of her clothes. I LOVE this fun stage they are both in.

It always catches me by surprise when they return from visiting Adam. They seem to have grown 5 inches and matured so much in even a week. I like that actually, I am able to step back and see them through "outside" eyes a bit. They amaze me.

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