January 24, 2015

Oh. my. Where to begin??

I don’t know where to start except HERE.
So very much has changed since last I wrote. I was telling a friend a few weeks ago that “I have this blog…that I haven’t used in forever.” and talked about what I could write about. Being that my life is dull. dull. dull compared to hers. I figured out I’d write about life. Even though it is boring…

OUR LIFE…and so worth documenting.

I guess a basic update to keep myself straight is the way to go. so here goes. As of today’s date:

Sariah is 18, lovely and a senior hoping to graduate in the spring. She is also hoping to get her license finally and I am hoping she seeks a job soon. New friends and experiences are good things.  There is a lot of hoping going on.

Miranda is newly 16, in driving practice mode, wrestling for the high school team, and doing student council. Spring track coming next. She is the prettiest wrestler out there on the mat!! For sure.

Tallen is 8, active, funny, learning to stand his ground with sisters and loves being a Cub Scout. He LOVES running, jumping and all loud play. He is well liked and has a good many friends. He is my right hand man when I need help with anything.

Steven is medically retired from working having been diagnosed with ALS at the end of July. *hate this disease that is eating him alive from the inside... *more on this in another post. it’s a doozie of a story!

And me? I am breathing.

I love working from home. My Current projects include making products to increase my online business with ETSY, driving 2 teens and an almost tween around to activities and school and hanging out with Steven and helping where I can. I take deep breaths and cry in the shower sometimes. I am slightly overwhelmed and trying hard to find balance in my new normal. I love being home with Steven. He and I are a great team. Each day is a new day…Random people will ask how I am – “how are you today?” not even expecting and actual answer. I breathe in and tell the truth.  “Today is a GOOD day!” they are taken aback and tell me how, yes, it is a good day.  That brightens mine.  If you need anything made – let me know. I have to finish up a few orders but then I’m all yours to brainstorm with.


lovely & graduating. pretty & driving. Fun & active. Retired & not-active. BREATHING & working.

That’s us. 

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