January 29, 2010

A sad, sad day

Today is a sad, sad day. I was in my room mending some of Steven’s pants and Miranda came in crying and holding her Cookeydough. Cookeydough is her hamster that she JUST got a few weeks ago for her 11th birthday. She bought the “2 year supply” of cedar bedding, the cage, the food and the snacks. I got her the animal. What a sweet animal. Tallen has been so excited about “tookeydough” and wanting to hold her all the time.  The hamster has been pretty good about it. She’s mostly gentle and not very fast moving (apparently…)  SO, back to why Miranda was crying. 

Miranda was crying and saying “I think that Cookeydough is dead.” I called Tallen in and asked for the story. I guess he had Cookeydough near the floor, “I show the kitty” and then “I step on her with one boot. ONLY one boot Mama.”  So that’s the story and he’s sticking to it.  He showed the even slower moving Truffle the rodent and somehow Cookeydough accidently got stepped on. Miranda cried and Cookeydough took her time dying, but eventually she passed. 

It was a very emotional time.  We talked about how it’s sad when something we love dies. We talked about letting her die peacefully and quickly and why on earth we don’t let our loved people do the same is beyond me! Hard childhood lessons all around. Miranda assured me that she'll cry for me when I die, too. So Good to know! 

We all got dressed and went out to the pet store to replace Cookeydough with Butterskotch. They are sisters.  The coloring is the same, the markings are a little different and the Butterskotch is crazy fast!!! She has plopped on the floor twice and run off once in the dining room already. What a challenge this is going to be…

So, to TRY to keep Tallen off of the hamster, I got him 2 goldfish.  Nemo and polka-dot.  Well, polka-dot didn’t even make it into the bowl before it died. Miranda flushed it promptly.  Too Funny!!! Tomorrow, we’ll go to the store and replace the fish. 20 cents is my kind of price!!

Wish us luck!!

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