May 30, 2009

Moving Day for Baby

On Friday I got to go to my sister’s to watch “Baby” (that’s what Tallen calls his baby cousin Jaden.)  Jaden 9 months old and is WELL into his separation anxiety stage.  He gets to stay home with Daddy everyday and when Meg gets home from work they mostly stay in and enjoy each other's company;  So Jaden doesn’t get to know and be held by many people.  To say that Jaden didn’t want me as a replacement for Mama is an understatement!!  When I walked in the room and sat down near him, he started to cry and the tears…heart breaking!!After awhile I just sat him in his bouncer or on the floor where he could see everything – including the Backyardagains…his favorite show – and went to help pack the boxes.  He cried a bit and then fell asleep.  What a cutie pie.

It took most of the day to pack the truck and get them off to the new place.  I didn’t get to see it yet…I had to get home to my own children and husband.  I know it sounds really nice.  More space, more bathrooms, more storage space, less rent to pay and less of the bad stuff. Woo hoo!!

May 26, 2009

Standards Night

Steven and I got to go to Standards Night with Sariah tonight.  (Miranda and Tallen got to be big kids and stay home for an hour and half.)  I can’t believe that she is in Young Women’s already!  What a bright young lady Sariah is!

President and Sister Nielson came to speak to us.  He spoke about the Temple and the sacred objects there.  He referred to the chandeliers that hang in the sealing rooms.  They are beautiful and huge.  Apparently the Temple is refurbished every twenty years with new furniture and such.  While they (Pres. and Sis. Neilson) served as Temple President and Matron in Taiwan, the temple was redone.  There was a man who was going to take that chandelier home but it did not suit his decor…so then the light was going to be thrown away, so Sister Nielson took it and took the crystals off and had a Chinese knot made to hold each one.  She presented a crystal to each of the women temple workers.  What a wonderful and spiritual gift to receive.  All the prayers that were said, all the beautiful couples sealed in the room where it hung.

The youth were reminded that they can remain pure and bright and be able to attend the temple for themselves and their ancestors

May 18, 2009

And now a word from…Miranda :o)

I have a best friend named Kayla. We have the best times together. Every day we hang out together. We’re partners whenever the class can be partners, we play at recess together, and we share laughs all the time.In a few days, the class is going to change seats, we get to choose our own seats as long as it’s girl-boy order. So Kayla and I can sit in the same row,then during the last week of school, we get to sit wherever we want! Isn’t that exiting? I think it is. The reason why we met was because my 4th grade teacher assigned our seats.

There are only 15 more days until school’s out!!!! Field Day is on June 3rd! I love Field Day. 

May 15, 2009

Free Chocolate…every Friday

I drove Sariah to school today and was listening to the radio on the way home.  You will NEVER guess what I heard about.  Never! 

Every Friday, Mars Co. is giving away free chocolate!!  Yippee.  I went online right away to read more about it.  They are giving coupons for chocolate to the first 250,000 people to log on each Friday. (9:00am-11:59pm) 

Maybe I shouldn’t talk about it…that lowers my chances by… one, maybe two?  Good thing there are not too many followers yet :o)  I am going for it!!

May 12, 2009

Happy Mother’s Day to Me!

(you have go back and sing that like you would Happy Birthday)

I think that this Mother’s Day was the best yet.  And that’s saying something…  I woke up and came out to the kitchen to start getting breakfast before readying for afternoon church.  BUT…alas, breakfast was already being made.  Steven made me some “dippy eggs”, cream of wheat, bacon and herbal tea.  Not a fat-free meal but VERY tasty.  We ate outside on the deck listening to the birds and watching Spring…spring…I was freezing!  Then everyone got dressed for church (and work…poor Daddy had to work Mother’s Day) and we made it to church ON TIME!!  (I hate to say what a feat that is but…I’m usually the last one ready for trying to get make-up on my pretty face…)  So, we made it to church (without Steven helping along the way) and found seats near the back so as to escape easily if needed.  The talks, on Mothers of course, were good. I got to hear most of 3 of the 4 of them.  Tallen had to take a potty break just before the first started.  Tallen and the girls went off to class, I enjoyed Sunday School and then we women got to enjoy Relief Society together and have “girl time.” 

The gifts started after Sacrament Meeting and didn’t end until after dinner.  Let’s see…orange scented lotion from the Priesthood, a bag of homemade chocolate chip cookies from my wonderful Visiting Teacher, a sweet package and card from our Home Teacher (these turned out to be chocolate peanut butter chip cookies), a card and handmade bracelet from Tallen. Once at home the girls and I made “lunch.”  I made humus and Sariah made homemade tortillas to dip.  Steven returned home and made a fire in the fireplace and I relaxed there to knit and nap. The girls made dinner; mac-n-cheese and a salad.  Actually very good.  Then the cards and gifts came…each child made a card, as did Steven.  Miranda wrote me a poem at school and then sent it through the mail to me.  I received a Willow Tree figurine from Steven; the “Promise” one.  I love the look of the Willow Tree figurines. This one is a man and woman dancing with one another. I have it in a place of honor on the mantle in the Gathering Room.  I just had a day of relaxing and enjoying the love of family and friends. 

Tomorrow…back to real life.  Cleaning and organizing, making sure the kids have what they need, and LIFE goes on.  What an adventure life is.

He lifts me up

Saturday was our Women’s Conference down at the stake center in Saline. The theme was “Nauvoo Women, our Heritage.” We had to meet at the church at 7:30am to make it for the 8:30am check-in. UGH!! That was entirely too early in the morning for a Saturday! It was a wonderful and uplifting day. We got to “meet” Emma Smith and some other ladies of Nauvoo. What a wonderful group of women they were… The TWO classes I chose, out of all the wonderful choices, were great. I chose the class about “giving all to God.” I have figured out that when we give all we have, all that we ARE, to God….that He takes it, and magnifies it and gives it all back to us. What a wonderful Heavenly Father we have. He loves us sooo much. The second class I chose was the quilting class. We got to hear a short snippit of history of quilting, technique, etc. And then we were given a tiny square of cloth with the batting between the layers and we gor to quilt it. Very cool. I definately need a thimble whwn I work. I may go back and try quilting again.

I think that we, the women of 2009, are as much pioneers as the women of Nauvoo were. The challenges and sacrifices are different but just as much sacrifices. We are wonderful women who choose to spend our time and energies loving and raising our families. We take time out of our weeks to offer service to our sisters and our communities. I think often about the choices that I have made that have brought me to this place I am at in my life. Interesting how things come together. Where would we ALL be if we had made that OTHER choice? That other boy we dated, the other college, the other job that was offered, the other house to live in, etc.

Much to think about these days…

May 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Steven!

May 8th was Steven’s 44th birthday I made a homemade carrot cake for him.

I planned out a nice dinner and invited another couple to enjoy the evening with us. We had ham & pineapple, cheesy potatoes and beets – All of Steven (and Tallen’s) favorites. Dinner was delicious, dessert was fantastic! and the company was enjoyable. I didn’t have 44 candles OR even two 4’s…so I put the numbers I DO have on the cake…a ‘5’ & a ‘1.’

I love the face he made when he finally got to see the cake and candles. “HEEEYYYY, I’m not 51!” It was either ‘51’ or ‘15’, and I have to say….51 is funnier to watch the response to!!! Steven got fun and sappy cards and a couple neat gifts.He got a throwing net to practice his softball throwing skills with from the children and a HUGE towel from his lovely wife. He wants a hooded towel like Tallen and the girls have. What a lucky Daddy, to be so loved. What a fun night.

May 6, 2009

Where were you 89 years ago?

It's been a week since I put anything up. I guess I felt like I needed something profound to goes anyway.

Today is Verna Francis Gnew's 89th birthday. I cannot even comprehend the world grandma was born into!! Henry Ford started selling his Model T car in 1908. The 20's = flappers. I'll have to interview her about her life. I know that she would go to people's homes to see if they were rationing food as they should have been during WWII. She tells a story about bananas...I'll have collect it and record it here another time. She has been on her own since Grandad passed away in the summer of 1988. She has her own condo still, about 5 min. away from Mom. She twisted her ankle this past winter when she fell on the ice. Mom and Edwin - my brother - keep an eye on her the best they are permitted. I'll definately take her history. I missed the chance with Big Daddy Dunn - my dad. This wonderful man, John E. Dunn passed away in 1996; I was expecting Sariah. He was the oldest of 3. I also didn't interview my Aunt Sheila Dunn Coon. She died suddenly two summers ago. Sheila was the baby of the family. That leaves Uncle Larry...I haven't heard from HIM in 25 years...

How fleeting is this human experience. We have but one "try." One trip through life. One chance to make a difference to the peple that mean the most to us. I think about that and consider the impact I make upon my family, my children, and my friends. Much to consider today.
Happy 89th Birthday Grandma!! I love you.