January 25, 2010

Thirsty? You will be…

I buy juice for my little man (and let's face it...for my Honey as well) in the nice sturdy NEW plastic bottles. So the bottle is left at the end and I can't seem to get myself to the recycle place.  AND - CAN I JUST SAY...I THINK IT'S WRONG TO CHARGE FOLKS TO RECYCLE!! You want to make the trash dump less full, but when I try to recycle, I have to PAY $5 a trip to do so! Grrrrr!! OK - enough rant and rave. 
My point is, I have these very nice, sturdy, clear bottles and so have decided to store water in them.  As we should ALL have water stored by for emergency use.  Here's a site talking about how much water each person needs. I says a a gallon a day.  Is that JUST for drinking?  Steven and I figured out that it’s more like 3 gallons a day. For drinking, washing and flushing.  I mean if the electricity is off and you have a well, the water’s just not coming, thus…no flushing. 
Anyway, here’s the site.
I found a fantastic site from Clorox giving the formula for how to purify water - for any water purification needs.
It's 2 drops of bleach to a quart of water OR 8 drops for a gallon (in case you wondered...) for mostly clear to start with water. If the water you start with is cloudy, you’ll need more bleach.  There’s a “formula table” (you enter your amount of water, it tells you how much bleach is needed)  I even addresses how to sanitize dishes and silverware. Neat site.
Did you even know that you need to rotate your bleach every 3 months, so that it is fresh?  I had no clue. But I know now. Gotta go get some new bleach. Hmmmm – laundry duty for the old? It IS laundry day...

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