June 28, 2011

Way Behind!!

I have not blogged pretty much since last summer!! I hate when life just pushes in and gets you all messed up.  So this is a time of playing catch up.   Whew!

We moved out of the house we were renting, stayed with great friends for a while, bought a place of our own and have been fixing it up by tiny bits since August 2010. I will post pictures…they disappeared, but I’ll find them.

Sariah did well in the 8th grade and is nervous and excited for the 9th grade campus.  She went out for Cross Country and messed up her knee, so had to sit out most of the season healing.  But she did great and finished up strong. She played the flute in the band and enjoyed it, but has chosen to not continue band this year and is enrolled in Photography and Digital Imaging.  I am excited to find out more about these things as well.

Miranda had a great time in the 6th grade and is thrilled to burst onto the scene at the Middle School as a 7th grader this year. She went out for Cross Country. The 6th graders can run “as practice” but can also compete if there are other 6th graders at the meet to run against. Fun!! She then did wrestling this past winter and then Track & Field in the spring.  The same rules apply there, the 6th graders are not REALLY part of the team, but get to compete if there are opponents. What a fun-sports-filled year Miranda had!

Tallen had a fantastic time at Head Start and is off to Kindergarten in the fall. He has made some friends here in the neighborhood.  I LOVE that!! Riding bikes, playing outside!!!

Having a blast!