August 7, 2013

Sunday Goodness

I love my blog. I love my blog. I love  my blog....  I do - for real. But I have been so neglectful. I have turned over a new beginning {again}.  Sunday is the key I think. Sunday will be the day to work on my blog. If I can do it once a week for sure, I'll feel much better. 

up to date

Because as it is, I THINK about blogging everyday but then think "I can't TODAY, because I need to get it up to date first." No way. I'll get the pictures up and the projects and the {STUFF} eventually  But I need to document my todays as well.

So here's to New Beginnings.

**New planner, too!!  I am so excited. I just ordered myself a Mormon Mom Planner and 2 YW planners for the girls at this nifty site. (it is a blog but there are links to order right there) They are beautiful & amazing and I am hoping worth every penny. They have Regular Mom planners, too.  In both academic (Aug-July) and yearly versions.

The YW one has sections for seminary scripture mastery, and dating 101 and scripture reading chart, and budgeting and the calendaring of course.
The MOM one has FHE, budgeting, gift giving pages, a section for each child, vacation planning pages, planning pages for each holiday, a visiting teaching section and even a place to plan out date night each week.

You can "page through it" HERE.  Coolest thing ever!

I am super excited to get it and write in it. I have a vacation to plan and a house to organize and kids to raise and a business to run and callings to do and, and. and...I need a little help along the way. PERFECT.

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  1. Can I just say that turning the pages of the Mormon Mom Planner was the coolest! I loved how life like it was :)