January 15, 2010

The Coolest thing EVER…

OK – Hate the ugly plain fonts available here at Blogger, so I found others. header4I went over to www.KevinandAmanda.com  and grabbed ALL of their very cute and funky fonts.  For FREE!!!!

 But then STILL couldn’t use them for the actual blog only for the title and date. (I’m sure there’s a way, but I am computer less-than-knowledgeable…) So, here’s what I have figured out I can do. 

Here are the components to the issues at hand:

1) I have “Live Writer" on my computer, so when I am away from internet, I can still blog and then upload it later.  LOVE THIS!

2) While in Blogger, I can’t seem to get my photos to go in right. HATE THIS…

3) I upload the pictures from “Live Writer” where I can change the size and position in relation to the writing. 

4) ”Live Writer” has SPELL CHECK…very cool!

While using my Live Writer the other day, I happened to want to enlarge the TITLEs in my Christmas Eve blog. SO, I went into the FORMAT section and changed the size.  And I thought to myself…”Hmmmmm…If I can change the size…MAYBE I can change he font as well…..ah ha!!!”

And, by Golly! It worked!  Yippeeeee!!!!


This font actually looks alot like my own writing so I like it.  But I can really change things up…







there are even doodles to use.  Neat, Huh???



Thanks Amanda for my PERFECT font!!

Go – check it out and Find your perfect font!


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