May 7, 2012

The Yeti

Tallen came in the house in a rush and the conversation went like this...

Tallen: Daddy, come outside!
Daddy: Why?
T: There's a yeti.
D: A yeti??
T: Yeah! They eat skin. We need to kill it.
D: What should we kill it with?
T: A "baby gun" or a knife.
D: O.K., I'll be right there. Can I go to the bathroom first?
T: I guess so.

And they left the room...

The yeti must have wandered off during the bathroom break, because he was nowhere to be found.
The toys did get cleaned up though, so the yeti won't play with them.

Thanks for protecting the family honey.

Oh, and watch out...the yeti may show up to play with the toys at your house. You never know.