January 19, 2011

The DIY Dish: Make Valentine Placemats and Paper Crafts

I love The DIY dish. program.  They have the perfect combination of paper crafts and sewing.

LOVE IT!!!! watch and enjoy.
I am making the placemats - with the vinyl covering - to be able to NOT ruin them the first time out.
I don't know if I have linked it right, but here's the site so you can check out the rest of their stuff. The DIY dish.

January 16, 2011

Tallen and the Priesthood

Sariah was assigned to give a talk today at church. Her first one and she’s sick and won’t be giving it.  She feels bad and she feels bad about not giving the talk.  I made the call and explained. Sariah will give a talk another day. All is well…


Sariah feels rotten. I told her she needs a blessing when Daddy gets home from his camp out. That’s when Tallen – age 41/2 - offered to give her a blessing instead.

“I’ll give her a blessing. I can do it!”

I explained that he was not big enough yet.

“I can get the stool.”

I explained that he needed to have the priesthood. That he would get that when he is 12. He gently reminded me that he HAS it. I asked him “where do you keep your priesthood.”

“In the storage unit” was his sweet reply.

This kid cracks me up!!!!

(I did explain more about how it all works. About being 12 and the authority and all the important things like not keeping your priesthood in the storage unit.)