December 25, 2009

It's Official...Christmas is HeRe NoW !!!

What crazy person sits around on Christmas day in the morning blogging? This one. The gifts are made (whew!), wrapped and under the tree, Miranda put the cookies and milk out and Santa is on His way. Steven is in a LOOOOONG hot bath to relax from this CrAzY week at work and I am here in the living room - sipping hot herbal tea, enjoying the warmth from the fireplace, listening to the radio next to our beautiful tree. I am realizing how short a time I have left of Miranda's "childhood"...she was out in a flash in her pink froggy footie jammies to pick out cookies. Sariah was asleep on the couch - aloof as a teenager would be. Tallen is pure child...the wonder on his face and his sweet voice singing "Jingle bells". LOVE IT!!!

Crazy! NOW that my projects are complete and I have time to enjoy the Christmas season and it's over! I always feel a let down. People are nicer to each other, the decorations and music...everything about Christmas is good. Except maybe finding a parking spot at WalMart! hahaha And then the DAY comes and people forget to be nice, the radio stations play the same yuck they do all year round again, the decorations go just ends!! I felt that way as a child on Christmas morning, too. We'd sit down to open gifts and tear through them. We didn't take turns and get to see what everyone else got. That's why we do what we do in my family now. We did numbers a few years ago. That was fun!! Sariah got at a time...3 numbers or so apart. Our Christmas is pretty modest. One or two from Santa, one from each person in the family and the stocking.

We got money from Grandpa so we used it to get a new camera for the family. The kids' needs are met and the tree looks full under there so, I got a camera. Canon SX120 IS. SwEeT!!!! I got it last night and am loving it! It's compact - compared to my Casio - and soooo easy to use! I can zoom really (too) close and the clarity of color is fantastic! I have to remember to wear makeup....that skin tone is killin' me! I'll post pictures after our opening in the morning and our trip to Mimi's in Ohio.

Happy Christmas!!
What family traditions did you start??

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