June 27, 2009


I’ve been called as the Howell Ward Young Women Camp Director for this year.  I was called in January, which sounds like such a long time ago, but in the “I have so much to plan before July” sort of way, it’s just NOT.  I was called and not really given a guide as to what I am to be doing in preparation.  I did have this position in 1995 before I got married to Adam, and had NO CLUE then what was expected.  They called me and I showed up at camp for the week…I didn’t know anyone, I didn’t plan anything, I was just there. At least this time, I have an idea WHO the youth are and some of the things I should do to interest them in the activities. 

I am in touch with the Stake camp director and the assistant stake camp director is in my ward, I have printed off the forms for the girls to fill out and get back to me in a timely fashion, handed them out at two consecutive weeks of meetings, and only now – coming up on a month late – am getting them back.  I need to get them in to the stake with the money for everyone.  I think I will actually just send in the forms so they have at least a “body count.” I have 3 girls who JUST this past Sunday have shown an interest in attending camp.  I need to hustle them along to get the stuff in. 

And then there’s the matter of the money.  I know I don’t have $100 for me and $120 for Sariah to attend camp.  Her sure, me nope.  And the three who just said “yeah, were in.”  no interest + no forms + no money in = ????…so what’s up?  Do I pay for them to go and then have them back out at the last minute??  I’m not feeling so awesome about that option at all.  And then, there are the two rebels…”I’m not going because she’s not going” and “I’m not going because it was awful last year.”  I assured her it would be totally different this year but I guess it’s a no go.

I feel like I’m ranting on and on and on, well, yeah I guess I am actually.  I just want everyone to come and get in touch with their growing testimonies. I want them to have fun and grow as women.  I want them to COME play with me.  I ought to be grateful to have the girls I do have coming…it could be worse.  There are 5 definite “yes” and $$ is in.  The 3 “yeah, I’ll get you the stuff”  There are 3 leaders coming – at the END of the week for the fun finale.  And for that I am grateful.  I’ve got to talk to my in-laws about keeping Tallen and Miranda that week…or Steven needs to work out the timing for someone to watch Tallen while he works anyway. 

It will all work out to God’s timing…BREATHE…

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