June 15, 2009


I thought I was kinda smart, apparently I am not...at least I'm not all that. I was all up on everything computer in the 6th grade when Dad was at Simtec in Bloomfield Hills. NOT ANYMORE!! Steven and I have spend untold hours now and mental power trying to upload a single audio book onto a Mp3 player for Steven to listen to while working. First the extra special, snazzy Mp3 player with the screen to READ the books on, and watch movies. Didn't work. So I thought "I know that my Mp3 will accept WMA files!" (the book is one of those) so I broke it out and have spent nearly 3 hours now trying to figure out why on earth IT won't work. Do I need a firmware upgrade? Is there one available? Is it that my player won't accept DMR protected stuff? Is this book one of those? As I said UGGHHH! Someday I will be smart enough to download stuff...I guess I'll have to ask some elementary school student for help!!!!

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  1. If you're trying to download the ones from the library, you can only do it to players that have Internet access so that it can go online and make sure you have checked it out properly, and it's not overdue.