July 5, 2009

Over the flat parts and through the towns…

…because there aren’t any hills in Ohio!!! Well, maybe 3 or 4 total, and THOSE used to be trash heaps! We are on our way to pick up the girls near Cincinnati, Ohio as we speak. I hate this riding in the car and sitting in the car, and being bored silly in the car. Actually, since we have a Ford Windstar, the ride is pretty comfortable. I came upon a genius idea this trip and moved Tallen’s car seat directly behind the driver’s seat. So now Tallen can look out the window and see the same things I do. I assure you, there was a running commentary from the backseat! “Mama, Walls!” (the sound walls on the sides of the freeway) “Mama, (snort-snort sound from behind me) RIDE!!!” (This roughly translates to “Mama, the pigs in that truck are riding to market to be made into yummy bacon”) “Mama! Daddy! Daaaadddy! choo-choo!!!!” “Mama! Daddy! Mooooo!” It got difficult to have a conversation with Steven for all the hollering from Tallen. But we made it.

Adam drives up from Atlanta with the girls and stays with his mom in Cincinnati and then we drive down and meet anywhere between exit 15 and exit 34 along I-75; Depending upon how nice he is feeling on that particular day and how far he feels he has already driven in the day. Never one to serve the fellow man, Adam reminds me constantly how I “get the girls for 300 days a year and he only get them for 50 or so.” and how he “drives 500 miles from Georgia” and doesn’t feel he needs to go any further. These things are both true. I do have custody…and responsibility…and daily care of the children. He does drive a far distance since he moved to Georgia in summer 2005. But he neglects to remember that he drives up in 2 days usually and stays for a time with his mom and rests and such before the return trip south and I drive 4 1/2 hours down and 4 1/2 hours back all in ONE single day. So let’s talk about who’s tired at the end of the day. Don’t mind me – I’m just tired of my butt going numb!!! It makes me cranky! And I have been reminded “And don’t forget about US Mama! We have to ride in the car for 14 hours plus!” On Sunday they left Atlanta at 9:30am and reached the meeting place at 7pm….what should have been an 8 hr. drive. We got in at 1:40am or so. We only spent an hour eating dinner if that. That’s one very long day for all at my house!

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