June 2, 2009

hi ho, hi ho…

Can I just tell you how much home repairs are a royal pain in the butt!  A few months ago the gas dryer wouldn’t turn, it just buzzed.  I have a replacement, but it is electric, not gas.  So the choices are to try to fix this gas dryer, put in a new electric line for the practically brand new electric one down in the garage, or to try to find another gas dryer for affordable prices - $50 or less would be great. We decided to try to fix it.  Steven ended up taking out the part that tells it to stop turning when you open the door.  I think it works most of the time now, I have to reach in and turn it to get it rotating sometimes, but it dries the clothes not hung on the clothes line. 

Speaking of the clothesline…in the fall, we cleared the porch and the yard & garden.  The chairs went down to the “storage garage” downstairs, the toys all came in, the last veggies went to the garage until use, the dead growth went to the compose pile, the laundry pins went to the laundry room, and the laundry line went…..?  WHERE!?!?! You would think it would be in the laundry room with the pins, right? Wrong.  Or in the storage garage with the chairs?  How bout the garage with the “crop”? Nope. None of those.  I got very impatient with myself because I had lost it and NOW I have to replace it!  So replace it I did.  Steven put it up on the deck for me and I hung the laundry out.  All is well.  Then it came time for the garden to go in.  I popped into the storage garage and to grab my gloves, shovel and rake and wouldn’t ya know….there it was.  The laundry line was neatly coiled and placed just inside the door on top of my gloves and garden tools. Grrrrr!

Last week it was the washing machine.  I had just put in a load using my newly made homemade laundry detergent and it started to groan and not agitate.  It took a while to get it unhooked and taken apart but Steven is very handy that way.  He rocks at fixing stuff.  He went downtown and asked the appliance repair dude and got the part he thought he’d need.  He was right, it turned out to be this tiny little part that had cracked.  It was all plastic…as if merely temporary.  The new part is reinforced with a bit of metal in the center.  More sturdy and long lasting.  They just don’t make things to last anymore so they? 

NOOOOOW, the basement.  The girls have had water on their floor a few times over the past year but it wasn’t a big deal.  Once was when I had put something to soak in the laundry tub and forgot to tell Steven and he started a load of wash.  It drained into the tub and the onto the floor.  The water ran all down the hallway toward the dining room and also down through the heater vent into the bathroom below.  What a mess!!  But no harm done.  This is much worse.  We thought it was the water softener but alas it is not that easy.  We are thinking that there is a crack in the pipe from the bathroom out of the house.  Steven spent yesterday digging a HUGE (like 7 ft. deep!) hole beside the foundation looking for the pipe that comes out of the house.  It’s not there.  Our next thinking was that they added the tub to a trunk line of pipe that runs out into the rest of the house. Steven took the pipes under the sink apart and we took the entire HUGE cabinet out of the bathroom.  We had to take the bigger and heavier mirror down first.  It was caulked to the wall! He worked is magic on the pipe – and the story ends well.  He was able to fix it.  Yeah!!  I am going to paint the bathroom - a more calm color of yellow I think – before I put the mirror back up. Like I said – another happy ending! 

Dare I ask the question?  What next????

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