June 16, 2009


We are making pajama pants/shorts to wear to Girl’s Camp as a Young Women’s group. The girls have a small white polka dot on a black background.  The leaders will have a larger white dot on a black background.  It looks cute and fun and they will match ANYTHING!! I am going to put pink ribbon on the bottom hem at mid-calf level.  We started last Tuesday at my house, when the church building was closed for cleaning.  Four girls came last week to lay out the fabric and cut them out.  Alyssa Pumford and Holly Van Every got theirs cut out, Shauna Mitchell laid hers out and pinned the pattern to the cloth.  Sariah laid hers out and cut it.  She will have to sew hers when she returns from her visit with Adam in GA.  I need to lay my longer (capri length) pants out on the large spots and get them sewn.  I will feel a sense of accomplishment then.  Perhaps I will get that done tomorrow. 

The girls were so funny tonight.  None of them had ever sewn…what happened to Home Economics at school?  Do they not sew anymore?  I LOVED that class in school!  I borrowed a sewing machine from Gayle Down and from Melissa Lynch and of course took mine as well.  I figured we would have 3 going at the same time and get far along this path to jammie pants.  My machine worked and Gayle’s worked…Melissa’s just tangled and didn’t do the bobbin thread properly, so we had 2 machines that worked.  Holly needs only to pin on her pockets and sew the side seams.  Then hem and add the elastic in the back and the tie in the front to gather with. Alyssa sewed the leg seam and the crotch seam.  Out of the 7 seams…she got 2 done.

Cassara Cutler – the Personal Progress leader – cut hers and took all the ties and stuff to just make hers at home.  The other leaders have not even begun their pants.  We’ll see.

Maybe I’ll just send it all home with the girls….hmmmmm, easier for me?  Easier yes, but not more satisfying.  I love to teach the girls these “almost lost arts of the woman.”

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