June 12, 2009

I can smell smoke!!

This weekend I invited the Young Women from church to come out and have a campout/sleepover. Friday at 5pm they started to arrive…one was here already, my sweet Sariah. :0) Then Chloee Briscoe came in at 5pm, Anna Nicklin arrived soon after.

The other girls didn’t make it this time. There are five going to camp in July, but 15 total girls. We went over the first aid certification first. The answers tell me that they know the information but didn’t want to discuss it.

Me: what would you do in the case of an accident victim?

girl: what KIND of accident?

me: what would you do?

girl: get help…

me: YOU are the help!

girl: get them to the hospital.

And so it went…we’ll cover more as we go along.

Then we got to the fun part! The crafts!!! I decided to make “lanyards” to hold onto our water bottles at camp. Being dehydrated is no fun at all. So I was going to get ribbon to make them and we would paint and get all fun. But I found handy little woven ones with carabineer clips on them. Much more handy. They can clip onto your pants, backpack, etc. I got out Sariah & Miranda’s beads (they never use) and we made the lanyards personalized. Anna went crazy and made her whole name, initials and several other words. Chloee put a ready made word on hers “RUN” – the funny part is that on the reverse side is another word “Trip”!!! Too funny! I did my name and a rainbow. Sariah made her name and other decorations.

Right about the time we were finishing up and getting dinner is when Amy Philburn came. Then shortlly after Jen Douglas and Chelsea Christensen arrived together. We all laughed and worked together and took loads of pictures right before the other leaders left for the night

Chelsea HATES bugs and yet they have called her and she has accepted the position of Assistant Camp Director! She cracks me up!! All night the fluffy seeds from the cottonwood trees was snowing down and she freaked because she thought they were spiders on her. It was funny…until she almost cried. I felt bad for her, and will remember to take extra strong bug repellant for her.

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