May 30, 2009

Moving Day for Baby

On Friday I got to go to my sister’s to watch “Baby” (that’s what Tallen calls his baby cousin Jaden.)  Jaden 9 months old and is WELL into his separation anxiety stage.  He gets to stay home with Daddy everyday and when Meg gets home from work they mostly stay in and enjoy each other's company;  So Jaden doesn’t get to know and be held by many people.  To say that Jaden didn’t want me as a replacement for Mama is an understatement!!  When I walked in the room and sat down near him, he started to cry and the tears…heart breaking!!After awhile I just sat him in his bouncer or on the floor where he could see everything – including the Backyardagains…his favorite show – and went to help pack the boxes.  He cried a bit and then fell asleep.  What a cutie pie.

It took most of the day to pack the truck and get them off to the new place.  I didn’t get to see it yet…I had to get home to my own children and husband.  I know it sounds really nice.  More space, more bathrooms, more storage space, less rent to pay and less of the bad stuff. Woo hoo!!

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