May 12, 2009

He lifts me up

Saturday was our Women’s Conference down at the stake center in Saline. The theme was “Nauvoo Women, our Heritage.” We had to meet at the church at 7:30am to make it for the 8:30am check-in. UGH!! That was entirely too early in the morning for a Saturday! It was a wonderful and uplifting day. We got to “meet” Emma Smith and some other ladies of Nauvoo. What a wonderful group of women they were… The TWO classes I chose, out of all the wonderful choices, were great. I chose the class about “giving all to God.” I have figured out that when we give all we have, all that we ARE, to God….that He takes it, and magnifies it and gives it all back to us. What a wonderful Heavenly Father we have. He loves us sooo much. The second class I chose was the quilting class. We got to hear a short snippit of history of quilting, technique, etc. And then we were given a tiny square of cloth with the batting between the layers and we gor to quilt it. Very cool. I definately need a thimble whwn I work. I may go back and try quilting again.

I think that we, the women of 2009, are as much pioneers as the women of Nauvoo were. The challenges and sacrifices are different but just as much sacrifices. We are wonderful women who choose to spend our time and energies loving and raising our families. We take time out of our weeks to offer service to our sisters and our communities. I think often about the choices that I have made that have brought me to this place I am at in my life. Interesting how things come together. Where would we ALL be if we had made that OTHER choice? That other boy we dated, the other college, the other job that was offered, the other house to live in, etc.

Much to think about these days…

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