May 6, 2009

Where were you 89 years ago?

It's been a week since I put anything up. I guess I felt like I needed something profound to goes anyway.

Today is Verna Francis Gnew's 89th birthday. I cannot even comprehend the world grandma was born into!! Henry Ford started selling his Model T car in 1908. The 20's = flappers. I'll have to interview her about her life. I know that she would go to people's homes to see if they were rationing food as they should have been during WWII. She tells a story about bananas...I'll have collect it and record it here another time. She has been on her own since Grandad passed away in the summer of 1988. She has her own condo still, about 5 min. away from Mom. She twisted her ankle this past winter when she fell on the ice. Mom and Edwin - my brother - keep an eye on her the best they are permitted. I'll definately take her history. I missed the chance with Big Daddy Dunn - my dad. This wonderful man, John E. Dunn passed away in 1996; I was expecting Sariah. He was the oldest of 3. I also didn't interview my Aunt Sheila Dunn Coon. She died suddenly two summers ago. Sheila was the baby of the family. That leaves Uncle Larry...I haven't heard from HIM in 25 years...

How fleeting is this human experience. We have but one "try." One trip through life. One chance to make a difference to the peple that mean the most to us. I think about that and consider the impact I make upon my family, my children, and my friends. Much to consider today.
Happy 89th Birthday Grandma!! I love you.

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