May 12, 2009

Happy Mother’s Day to Me!

(you have go back and sing that like you would Happy Birthday)

I think that this Mother’s Day was the best yet.  And that’s saying something…  I woke up and came out to the kitchen to start getting breakfast before readying for afternoon church.  BUT…alas, breakfast was already being made.  Steven made me some “dippy eggs”, cream of wheat, bacon and herbal tea.  Not a fat-free meal but VERY tasty.  We ate outside on the deck listening to the birds and watching Spring…spring…I was freezing!  Then everyone got dressed for church (and work…poor Daddy had to work Mother’s Day) and we made it to church ON TIME!!  (I hate to say what a feat that is but…I’m usually the last one ready for trying to get make-up on my pretty face…)  So, we made it to church (without Steven helping along the way) and found seats near the back so as to escape easily if needed.  The talks, on Mothers of course, were good. I got to hear most of 3 of the 4 of them.  Tallen had to take a potty break just before the first started.  Tallen and the girls went off to class, I enjoyed Sunday School and then we women got to enjoy Relief Society together and have “girl time.” 

The gifts started after Sacrament Meeting and didn’t end until after dinner.  Let’s see…orange scented lotion from the Priesthood, a bag of homemade chocolate chip cookies from my wonderful Visiting Teacher, a sweet package and card from our Home Teacher (these turned out to be chocolate peanut butter chip cookies), a card and handmade bracelet from Tallen. Once at home the girls and I made “lunch.”  I made humus and Sariah made homemade tortillas to dip.  Steven returned home and made a fire in the fireplace and I relaxed there to knit and nap. The girls made dinner; mac-n-cheese and a salad.  Actually very good.  Then the cards and gifts came…each child made a card, as did Steven.  Miranda wrote me a poem at school and then sent it through the mail to me.  I received a Willow Tree figurine from Steven; the “Promise” one.  I love the look of the Willow Tree figurines. This one is a man and woman dancing with one another. I have it in a place of honor on the mantle in the Gathering Room.  I just had a day of relaxing and enjoying the love of family and friends. 

Tomorrow…back to real life.  Cleaning and organizing, making sure the kids have what they need, and LIFE goes on.  What an adventure life is.

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