May 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Steven!

May 8th was Steven’s 44th birthday I made a homemade carrot cake for him.

I planned out a nice dinner and invited another couple to enjoy the evening with us. We had ham & pineapple, cheesy potatoes and beets – All of Steven (and Tallen’s) favorites. Dinner was delicious, dessert was fantastic! and the company was enjoyable. I didn’t have 44 candles OR even two 4’s…so I put the numbers I DO have on the cake…a ‘5’ & a ‘1.’

I love the face he made when he finally got to see the cake and candles. “HEEEYYYY, I’m not 51!” It was either ‘51’ or ‘15’, and I have to say….51 is funnier to watch the response to!!! Steven got fun and sappy cards and a couple neat gifts.He got a throwing net to practice his softball throwing skills with from the children and a HUGE towel from his lovely wife. He wants a hooded towel like Tallen and the girls have. What a lucky Daddy, to be so loved. What a fun night.

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