April 30, 2009

Life Goes On....

It's been another crazy week...kids activities, dentist appts. to change, Young Women's camp stuff to work out, MK order anticipated to arrive SOON :o), house to clean and KEEP that way, etc., etc. Nothing really out of the ordinary...just life with 3 kids, 1 cat and a husband.
Tallen is learning to use the bathroom for something other than baths...HORRAY! He is soooo proud of himself. All grown up at 3 and stuff. Miranda is learning about self reliance and potential - we have a tape series that she is totally into. Sariah is selling service coupons for Girl's Camp this July. She was going to sell baked goods but figured folks might need service type stuff more. She sold 3 to one person today! She's excited.
I'm looking forward to Stake Conference this weekend. We'll hear from the Stake President and have a broadcast message from Utah as well. Very exciting - this technology!!! What would we ever do without it? Snail mail and tie myself to the wall phone again...NO WAY!!!

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