April 25, 2010

Easter Morning 2010

I know, much time has gone by since Easter.  I wanted to document the occasion though, so bear with me.

So, let’s rewind a few posts and think of where we have been.  The trip to Kensington Farm Center happened on the Friday before Easter. We colored eggs so the Easter Bunny might be able to hide the eggs.  Tallen REALLY enjoyed coloring the eggs and insisted upon having TWO with his name on them.  He’s funny. Last year we had 2 dozen eggs and this year we moved up to 3.  It is STILL not enough!  Next year we will have 5 dozen.  (I may not boil all 5 but I want to color them all!! I had always heard how hard it is to blow eggs and so decided to try it.  It is not nearly as hard as I had heard.  They turned out great!  I have them still sitting on the table in the center. Next year, I’ll do more of them as well and decorate with them.  OK, back to the children’s Easter.

The weather was BEAUTIFUL for the holiday so the bunny hid the eggs outside this year. Tallen had a tough time finding the eggs before the sisters got there.  (Again, next year it’ll be different.  I think colors for each child that only they can “find”…less hogging then.)

Here are some shots of the fast and furious action or the NOT so fast (first thing in the morning) action.IMG_0725 (2) .

Here are the kids with their Easter buckets. They got candy, a thing of play dough and of course the egg with their name on it.


Miranda got some mousse to help with the lovely, curliness in her hair and a purple fat pen. Very cute.IMG_0727 (2)








 Sariah got some new shampoo to try that she liked the smell of and a green squatty fat pen.IMG_0728 (2)


Tallen got some “Hot Cars.” (Hot Wheels)

IMG_0730 (2)









And the hunt is on!!!! 

IMG_0733 (2)
















IMG_0735 (2)

Hmmm. This must be where the batteries in the camera died!! So I didn’t get any of Tallen as he scampered from location to location trying his hardest to get the eggs before his sisters.


We had the privilege of hearing from President Thomas S. Monson and the General Authorities during General Conference this weekend so after finding the eggs and eating a wonderful breakfast of “Fancy French Toast” (it’s prepared ahead and soaks in the egg mixture overnight!  Then you bake it for 20 minutes.) we went over to the home of some friends and watched General Conference broadcast online.  They have a larger TV than we do.  That too needs to change…  We have more space to sit and what not but, they have the larger TV. So we squeeze in and enjoy the time of fellowship and peace. And then we shared the Easter meal.  They made ham and some sides and we made a sides and dessert.  I made carrot cake!!! 

Get it? Easter…CARROTS???? 

I thought it was funny anyway…

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