April 14, 2010

These are a Few of my Favorite Things

A friend of mine had a list like this on her blog, so I’m copying you…you know who you are!! I LOVE the idea to keep track of the kids growth and development this way.  The girls’ birthdays are in the winter, so I’ll just do it now. Tallen’s birthday is next week!  Eeek! Where does time go?

Sariah is 13 .  ..a TEENAGER!

Favorite Food: Shrimp

Favorite Color: Aquamarine

Favorite Restaurant: Red Lobster

Favorite Song: Telephone by Lady Gaga/Beyonce

Favorite Primary Song: The Wise Man and the Foolish Man

Favorite thing to do: Facebook

Favorite sport: Cross country

Favorite place to go on a Mama date: Shopping

Best Friend: Ashley & Megan & Makayla & Karson

Favorite clothes: Skinny jeans, mismatched socks, poofy white shirt and her Vampire sweatshirt

Favorite treat: Between Buckeyes & Lincoln Logs

Favorite snack: chips with salsa

Favorite dinner: chimmey-chongas

Greatest wisdom to share: The teenager is the smartest person in the family =)

Miranda is 11 now.

Favorite Food: sweet and sour chicken

Favorite Color: yellow

Favorite Restaurant: Red Lobster & IHOP

Favorite Song: Our Song by Taylor Swift

Favorite Primary song: Baptism

Favorite thing to do: Ride my bike

Favorite sport: volley ball

Favorite place to go on a Mama date: Knitting night and then Dunkin Donuts

Best Friend: Kayla

Favorite clothes: red plaid pj pants and teal top

Favorite treat: Donuts

Favorite snack: BBQ pretzels

Favorite dinner: stir fry

Greatest wisdom to share: Be yourself, and no one else.

Tallen …we’ll do that another day. (when WE are not so tired)

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