November 4, 2009

Fun New Goodies All Around $

I had fun yesterday fixing up my blog. I learned some great tips! I learned how to make the Blogger panel at the top of the page to go invisible and how to havb dividers between posts. I gathered this info from they also tell how to make your own signature! Cool... I chose to go with for that though - LESS WORK!! I grabbed some cute blinkies for everyone, too. I found some AwEsOmE fonts at I changed the background and banner to show the season at

My Sariah and Miranda are both delving into the blogging world. Sariah got an email address - they charge the parent $.50!! (I'm cool with that, as I know that she has it and couldn't without me.) She then signed up for her own blog. VERY CUTE. Next step - Facebook. But not until 13. Their rules, and mine. :o)

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