November 4, 2009

A Day Filled with Blogging

...and not much else.
It's so true isn't it that ya get suuuuucked into the computer when there are cute colors to chose from, signatures to make and blinkies to add along the way. I helped both girls get a blog of their own...Miranda is on my account, different page, so they can express themselves and practice typing skills. I need to remember the reason I made the blog in the first place. I made it so that I could write, think and consider life in a journal style...not ever having to think about what others will think about what I write. I have actually ALMOST erased one of the posts from the summer...because I thought that others may not like it. I own this page, I love my blog the way it is and HOPE that those 3 people that drop in to visit from time to time like it too...but I write for me. ;o) Maybe I should check on my actual journal....gotta go.

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