November 5, 2009

Alice Cullen sleeps downstairs!

Of course I have neglected to document the most important moment - thus far - in Sariah's preteen existence.  She has been wearing her hair long for MANY years. Pretty much since she was one...and it began to grow.Sariah 08-97

Sariah 12-97 before

6 months                                    1yr – 1st haircut

Sariah spring 04-2000

 Sariah 1-21-05







  3 years                                              8 years

She got it cut for 5th grade to her shoulders but that's it.  And THAT was still a bob.


Photo_083007_007    the process                           beautiful Sariah 

She decided last spring t grow it long enough to donate to locks of love and that was the plan.  I actually thought she wouldn't make it.  Sariah wanted to get her hair cut for school this year to start 7th grade off great...but it was too short by an inch.  We figured that by Halloween it should be long enough...

WELL...October 24th she decided that the time was right!

Sariah at YW-YM boat sinking activity








summer ‘09                     10 inches off the back please…

We all went into the bathroom and first I shaved Tallen’s head (as usual – only it turned out better with the new clippers I got with birthday money :o) ) and then the conversation went something like this:

ME: “Do you want to?”

Sariah: “Sure!”

ME: “Are you 100% sure about this???”

Sariah: “ YES!  Do it…”

cut cut cut

Sariah:”Oh, my hair! My one true beauty!!!  I’ll write a book. It’ll be called ‘I can’t believe I DID that!!!!!”

Here’s the after…in case you haven’t seen her about town looking very chic!  OH – and she LOVES it!!  It’s flippy like Alice’s.  That’s all it takes, right??

sariah 10-24-09 NEW hairdo....1st ever

10-24-09 the back






       10/24/09                                            10/24/09

11233_165846687786_741892786_2856480_2639299_n                                 Alice Cullen for Halloween ‘09

She really is growing up into a beautiful young lady.  I’m so proud to have her as part of my family.

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