October 19, 2009

Growing pains...

I can hardly think of it....my baby is growing up!!!! OK, so it's been happening for a few years now but the fact became crystal clear at church yesterday. Here's how it went down; Daddy took Tallen to use the restroom during sacrament meeting and before class I asked if he'd been. The reply was,"Yes and he even stood up!" Now this is not a big deal - even at home he sometimes wants to be the big boy and stand. The big deal came later, during Relief Society (3rd hr) when his teacher came and got me. The child would NOT come with me to the ladies room, he insisted he be able to go in the Men's room to "Go like Daddy!" So there I stood, just outside the door standing guard. On the OUTSIDE for the first time! I have a feeling that this is just the beginning of my being on the outside of all the guy stuff......"welcome, Bronwen, to being the Mom of a boy!" Now how do I handle this when in PUBLIC? Hmmmm. I think it will be a few more years before little man can go in by himself and even then I will be standing guard at the doorway. Boys are just DIFFERENT!!!!

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