February 16, 2010

My Job Chart

I have found a new TOY…and it is working so far!!  I found this very cool site while reading a blog a few weeks ago and saw it again yesterday.  It’s at www.myjobchart.com.  I went in and handed out the chores last night.  They range from brush teeth to feed cat to get to church on time to read to the little brother. Each chore is worth points and then they can buy rewards with the points.  I put in the rewards today. They include TV time, computer time, reading together, pizza dates, roller skating,  music downloads and even Disneyland is on there!! 
As much as I heard “this is so stupid” as I tagged a “price” they thought too high and unattainable to the list, I see it working!! Sariah RAN to the kitchen to put the groceries away to earn 10 points, she helped with dinner prep to earn more and set the table with NO complaints to earn more.  I LOVE that.  Miranda was relatively excited to earn her own points and can I just tell you….my Tallen boy is THRILLED to earn points!  “Mama! I help daddy get wood.  I get points!” He wants to “buy” a play date with a friend from church.  it is worth 50 points.
They are excited.  I am content to not yell and beg for help and action.  They get what they want and so do I. 
PS-  they all used 50 points tonight to go to the video store and rent FREE kids videos.  Not a bad deal.

2/26/10 - I have found that the "prices" for the rewards are not NEARLY high enough. I will fix that. There's NO way I will be able to afford movie tickets every week for Sariah!! WOW! She accumulated 500 points in a week. Hmmmmm. How do I go about this raising of the rates, and not break the spirit of win - win ????

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  1. thanks for posting the job chart link. I am excited to try.