February 1, 2010

1 for me and 2 for you…

I am attached to my stuff. I’ll admit it to anyone. I moved A LOT as a kid and the only thing that was constant was my “stuff.” But here’s the problem, my stuff is taking over the peacefulness of my home and replacing it with…yuck.  So, I am on a journey of sorts. I have read the books, the articles and now the blogs.  In fact…
I read a blog from the Happy Housewife and today’s issue talks about her near-triumph at decluttering her home with the 730/365 Challenge. Here’s a link to the original site at the finer things. I have decided – since I need to get rid of stuff anyway – to join in and challenge myself. 
I am going to try to live up to the challenge and get rid of 2 things each day. I’m hoping that I can stick with the whole “1 for me and 2 for you” thing.  I doubt it’ll go over with everyone in our home.  We’ll see.  I have 3 boxes of clothes and stuff in the garage ready to go to the Salvation Army…or maybe I’ll try the consignment shops in town first.  Tax write off or not, It’s always better to just get money now!
Amy (at amysfinerthings.com) is actually counting the items!  Very cool idea.  I’ll give that a try, then I can feel that sense of accomplishment along the way. I’ll keep you updated on my progress. I put a little "button" to take ya to the site if you want to go - and an ever UPDATED count.  Gotta get busy!


  1. Good luck on your challenge! Start where you are and take it one day at a time. I love the Sidetracked Home Executive and The Fly Lady. I have been doing a card file for years because I was easily overwhelmed. You will be fine!

  2. It definitely can be hard, but it is so freeing to declutter. :D You can do it!

  3. I'm a little nervous about getting rid of my kids' stuff. Good thing they are still little and won't notice that some things are gone. :) Thanks for joining in!