December 22, 2009

Christmas once again

I love Christmas! I always have and I think I will forever...or at least until the children are grown. I woke up one year at 2am. I was old enough to read an alarm clock, so my parents, who had JUST gotten to bed...(that was the year for the "Walton's House - some assembly required", sent me back to bed until 4 or 6 or some really late hour!! I couldn't sleep and didn't want to get in trouble for peeking so I lay there in a tortured state of anticipation. Awful!  Fast forward to now.  I am JUST as excited every year!  I wake up early, not 2am early now that I'm on the assembly team, but early...and I wake the children, because I can hardly wait to see what Santa has brought.  I know, I'm twisted.  I think that I will wait for the kids to get me up this year (I think they did last year as well.) We usually have the missionaries to breakfast on Christmas morning - and most folks do dinner, so we've been free to do so.  This year, someone from the other congregation beat us to the Sisters.  So it will be just the 5 of us in our cute jammies enjoying a FAMILY Christmas. 

We went to the Ward Christmas Party last Friday, 12/19, and had a great time.  Here are a few fun shots taken by Lovice, a friend of mine.

Here is Mary and Joseph and baby Jesus in his Dad’s arms.

13959_237052072353_638662353_4260731_5995435_s Justin P., Miranda B. & a baby doll









Miranda made a beautiful Mary


me getting in some peaceful knitting time







Steven relaxing as wise guys do

the king of bling 

The “King of Bling” holding court!

Michael S., Brian M., and the rest of the gang. 

3 friends @party


Odd, how the boys of all ages REALLY got into the dress-up…

oh and and the little kids…



And then the “Special Guest” arrived, in a police car!


Tallen was a little nervous about the whole sitting with Santa deal.  so he had to check it out…

2 helper, 1 boy and his friend


He circled…

and watched.








And at last the moment arrived…he got up on "HO HO's" lap and told him his sweet list! 

tallen on Santa's lap







t on santa



I did it!  and got candy... He DID IT!! And got candy from the Elves as a reward!

Tallen sat on Santa's lap!  It must be the magic of 3yrs old.  He has cried the other times.  We don't have TV channels and we don't take the paper, so I guess we are a little "UNCONNECTED" to the mass toy shoving that begins in September on TV.  Tallen has been compiling his "HO HO" list for about two months.  A new train, lots of cars and trucks and a race track.  I think that's it. I’m so pleased that he got up there and spoke to Santa!

The girls did not get up Santa's lap as they got to be the ELF Helpers this year. I'm actually tearing up with pride and shock over how fast they have grown up!  Here they are helping some of the other kids.





helping the scared ones






asking for a car


I had to put this one in here…it cracks me up!  This is 16 yr old Chloee B. asking for a CAR from Santa.  Too Funny! Her comment afterwards was, “I’m getting a car by July, anyway!”  She cracks me up!





Well, my break is over.  I have to get back to work on the Christmas goodies I am making…and I WILL get the labels on the cards TODAY.  I had them made in Mid November and then got busy with the other parts of preparing.  Oh well. I’ll do better next year – MAYBE.  I guess I am who I am and there’s room for improvement.

Happy Christmas to all and

to all a relaxing New Year!

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