October 1, 2009

Surprise !…you get a shot today $

The girls went to the doctor today.  We have new insurance fort hem and I knew with winter coming on, we’d better get that “new patient check everything out” visit out of the way, so that I’ll be able to take them in at the first hack or sneeze. 

Mary had her garden of flowers, Here’s how my grows…

Lovely Sariah is growing into a beautiful slender young woman.  She is 60 in. tall and 76.5 lbs.  Miracle of Miracles!! She is “normal” for her age. No longer in the 25th percentile??? Surely she is still a peanut? She got the flu mist and TWO shots. She sat on my lap and protested loudly, until the actual shot!  The needle went in and she calmly siad “That didn’t even hurt!  Why is it so little?”  She is funny!!

Miranda is catching up to sissy fast!  She is a tall and shapely 56.5 in. and 68.5 lbs. Miranda is growing into the curvy young woman she will be.  She had the flu mist in her nose as well and THREE shots…complaining loudly the entire time.  The intern did one side and the Dr. the other at the same time.  Randa’s funny comment was “NO – not ANOTHER one!! I don’t want it.” As the intern got out the band-aid for the 3rd shot.  Miranda was so busy watching the intern, she didn’t feel the 2 in the other arm…silly girl!!  Both had the Hepatitis A shot and the 2nd Gardisil; and Randa had the Chicken Pox booster.  If I had to go back and do it again, I would have had her have the pox instead.  Permanent coverage…no booster.

It is so AMAZING to step back and see them as Father does.  I love to watch these spirits I have been given to help grow into Heavenly Father intends them to be.  They amaze me!!  We all made a cartoon of ourselves the other day.  I look fresh and beautiful – no grey hair, no wrinkles, no blemishes.  PERFECT!!  The girls, amazingly, look like themselves – only older.  They were thrilled to see that they could wear tank tops on the computer, even though they don’t in real life.  Too Funny!!!!

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