April 24, 2009


I woke up early this morning, REALLY early for me. 6:01am. I know I should go downstairs and exercise...but I'd rather sit, bundled against the chill in the air with my goose down lap blanket and listen to my Husband snoring, the cat purring, the birds chirping and singing and watch the sky get lighter. I love mornings for this reason. Just a time to be alone in the quiet and BE with God and his creations. I think I get too busy with the fluff of life later in the day, to BE with Him. Maybe that's why we are told to "Be still and know that I am God." It is in the stillness of our hearts and minds that He speaks loudest of all. I think I might make a habit of this waking up early. If I want to be a instrument in His hands, I SHOULD take time to be instructed shouldn't I?
Maybe I can combine the goals: wake up early, commune with my Heavenly Father AND get exercise. Now that spring is FINALLY here, I can walk outside. :o) Maybe I'll even add reading my scriptures and more regular Temple attendance to the routine. What is it they say? 21 days to a new habit? We'll see...but for today, I enjoyed the time with God.
The birds just turned off, like an alarm clock that's buzzed too long...why do they do that? At 6:00, it's wildly noisey out there. At 6:30, a good many stop chattering and by 7:00, it's quiet and all I hear is the Husband snores, cat purrs and the clock ticking from the bathroom (I didn't notice it until just now.) Why do they not sing in the daytime? How do birds communicate with one another? Or are they just listening now? I feel disappointed and sad with the bird song gone. I guess it would be like when the spirit is there (as the birds are still there) but I can't hear it. I must set myself to listen better.

Be still, and KNOW that I am God.
I like it.

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