June 29, 2012

Missy - a year later

Missy has been with us a full year. Today, in fact, marks that milestone. One year ...wow.  Here's the post from a year ago.

Missy June 29, 2011

Today, she is healthy, happy and content. Her fur is fluffier and healthier.

(cruddy phone pictures)

Her smile is bigger. And so is mine. She is my shadow and my {almost} constant companion. You can see her hanging out with me - in the car to early morning seminary, and to school if the bus is missed, to the bus stop morning and afternoon.  We walk together. When I get up from one place and walk to another, she is right there.  EVERY place. She sleeps next to me.  (Steven has to ask for his spot back when he comes in.)  She is dear to me and I to her. And I can barely remember life without her.

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