July 6, 2011


Like I needed ANYTHING else to add to my already busy schedule ...June 29th, I got a dog.  I hate to walk but I need to move more (walking in a circle alone and with no purpose is dumb)  so I said to myself,
"self.  Get a dog to walk with you. Not a BIG dog, but a dog."
I thought about it, prayed about it researched breeds and tendencies and then finally started looking.  I believe in adopting gently used pets just as I adopt gently used clothes. So we went to our local Humane Society where I had gotten Truffle. Neither the people nor the animals seemed very excited we were there, and the big dogs barking scared Tallen, so we left.
I thought about an adoption event and the timing never worked out. Then I thought about Craig’s List, they have everything else I could ever want, maybe they have pets, too.
I looked in all the postings – for a 2 hour radius and then I found her. this is the picture that sucked me in:
Who can blame me for driving to far off regions to get her?? And not only is she a cutie – she’s a GOOD dog!
It was all very James Bond – secret spy stuff. VERY Weird really.
I texted to get a picture of the dog and details. Received the above photo.
I asked if I could meet her, was answered yes and hopped in the car and drove. (I took the cat crate just in case. Truffle has…ummmm, ISSUES with riding in the car. MESSY, you want to contain them issues, and I wasn’t sure about this dog. So I wanted to be safe.
I Texted along the way my whereabouts and expected arrival time. She texted back.
I pulled in the parking lot of the very public place we agreed to meet at, located her vehicle, got out and waved.
We shook hands and introduced ourselves using our code names - no actually, I used my real name. I’m sure she did, too.
We walked to her van and I was handed Missy.
I gave her (Amber?) a “rehoming fee” and got in my van with Missy. NO bowl, no toys, no food, no nothing. JUST THE DOG. 
All very strange.
Most of the stuff on Craig’s List is like “I have extra rocks in my back yard from yard work, come get ‘em, you can have ‘em” With the pets – there is a rehoming fee. To somehow prove that you’re not going to feed them to the snake. At 10 lbs. Missy COULD be snake food…
Then Tallen, Missy and I went right to the Pet store to buy her a seat belt and some ginger cookies for the ride home. Because everyone knows that Ginger settles your stomach if you feel motion sick…If you doubt me, watch Myth Busters!!
Before I could even get her into the thing though, she hopped out of the van and took off!!!!! AHHHHHHHH! I took of after her, which scared her even more. It took me 20 minutes of looking, and praying and calling to her. She popped out from between 2 storage trailers behind the plaza of stores and I opened my car door.  IN SHE HOPPED!!! Thank God!  What would I have even told the poor 12 year old girl who was so angry at her Mom for giving Missy up that she wouldn’t talk to me..????  That I had lost her dog 10 minutes after taking her!!!?? I put the seatbelt on this tiny dog and off we went for home.
We had a rough first day or so, but Missy is fitting in great!  She had been used to running an acre of land, but is doing fantastic with her leash and tie out. When I take her outside to the potty place, she doesn’t QUITE get it yet and lays down to rest if I stand in one spot too long. She is LOVING our long walks twice a day and I admit it, I do, too. It’s the whole walk with a purpose thing. Tallen usually comes along and Steven has walked with us a few times as well. This is a good thing for all of us.
Such a SWEET DOG!!!  I am so blessed.  She only whines when we go in the van without her and has yet to bark at anyone or any dog.  We took her to the concert by the Courthouse and the pancake breakfast on the 4th. She did great both times and just smelled the smells and lay beside me.
**Disclaimer: I have not mentioned the girls reactions, because they are gone right now to hang with Dad in GA for the 5 week visit. When I sent a picture and told them this thing I had done, they got pretty excited. Sariah posted on Facebook “My new dog ! I love her, can’t wait to meet her.”
Missy completes our family in just the right way. Before long I won’t be able to remember our lives without her here. I am so blessed.

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