November 20, 2010

Gratitude–Day 20

I am thankful for technological advances.

My day went something like this:

- 6:00am – Awakened by Tallen squishing in

- 6:30am – Can’t sleep, turned on TV

- 7:00am – 1st call with my cell phone to the Laundromat(I had more to dry than time to do it in) This call was followed by 3 others at 7:15, 7:30 & 7:45.

- 8:00am – dressed for the day and breakfast (pastry in the microwave and tea on the stove)

- 8:05am – load the van with wet clothes drive to Laundromat

- 8:12am – put clothes for the children in ALL the dryers (I didn’t even get to knit,  it went so fast)

- 8:35-9:23am – fold clothes and drive home

- 9:45am – drive quickly to the airport

- 11:05am – girls board plane bound for GA

- 11:55am – giant plane- made of metal takes to the air (impossible!!)

A day full of technology!!

Cell phones-so I could call for hours and to calm the girls stress from afar

TV-to fill the empty too quiet times

microwave-to quickly heat my donut to make it soft and warm-like new again

gas stove-instant heat is wonderful. I didn’t have to chop wood, light a fire and wait for the heat to build.

And don’t forget the heated air to sit comfy in, the hot water just waiting by, ready to use.

vans-that carry my family and our stuff everywhere

dryers-to dry my clothes quickly-it no longer takes all day to hang and dry clothes.

airplanes- that takes the time it takes to get to Atlanta. GA from an long and hard trip of 12 hours down to 2hrs.  Amazing!

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