October 1, 2012

This Weekend has a special day!

This weekend has a special day,  two actually.

No, I'm not talking about my birthday...it IS my birthday on Sunday though...part of what makes this a special weekend.

What makes this weekends special is this: Twice a year - in April and again in October we get to hear from living Prophets. I love General Conference!!The kids get a little antsy and I guess I do as well; but I love to hear the words of wisdom the General Authorities have to share.  My favorite talks are about women - these Latter-Day Saint leaders have a respect and love for the women of the church. I love that.

So I invite you to come, bring your family to the nearest chapel or stay at home and listen online or on your phone.  But come and Listen to a Prophet's Voice!!

Hit the LINK and we will listen together. (to the right).

SATURDAY 12pm EST, 4pm EST & 6pm EST Priesthood session for the guys at the chapel
SUNDAY 12pm EST & 4pm EST

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