December 1, 2011

Lights, Action, Brrrr

It’s always fun to see the children use their gifts. This year the girls did not go south for Thanksgiving. So we got to go to the Parade in town on Friday evening after Turkey. This is only the 2nd time since 2003 that they’ve been able to go AND Miranda was in the parade this year, playing her trombone.  I have told her that she should do the Turkey Trot 5K run/walk next year before the parade. (maybe we should ALL do it…We shall see.)

Here are some pitures we grabbed:
misc   2-25-12 wrestling 682
Yes, that is a pink and blue poodle

misc   2-25-12 wrestling 683

A Nativity scene on the float. sweet.
misc   2-25-12 wrestling 684

Middle School band turning the corner JUST before our seats on the curb   (I didn’t get to see her play)
misc   2-25-12 wrestling 692

Tallen’s favorite float so far – a HUGE motorcycle! Very cool!
misc   2-25-12 wrestling 696

Ya gotta love a school bus covered in lights in an American flag!!
misc   2-25-12 wrestling 688

One of the Symbols of the Christmas Season…
misc   2-25-12 wrestling 702

My kind of gift!! There’s more than enough to share
misc   2-25-12 wrestling 699

The Howell Highlanders Marching Band
misc   2-25-12 wrestling 700

They did NOT turn the corner where they were supposed to.
misc   2-25-12 wrestling 701

The director felt it would be nice for EVERYONE to be able to SEE and hear them.!  Thank you, That was very Nice!! I LOVE the drums!
misc   2-25-12 wrestling 706

Every year I LOVE this one!! One of the HUGE snow scraper trucks dripping with lights!!
misc   2-25-12 wrestling 710

And of course it’s just not a Turkey Day parade without Santa!!

Are you ready for him? I’m not as of yet.
Happy Holidays!!

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