November 9, 2011

Technology How I love Thee

There are times that I can not drive for 10 minutes without the children bickering about something. Those times are not fun. But while driving all those 48 hrs., the children were MOSTLY good. There was that once in Kentucky that I threatened to strap the girls to the roof rack and let them fight it out up there and the other time while at the Goodwill that I said I might try to auction all three off on the door step. 
I assure you, I will neither strap then on top of the van nor sell them to the highest bidder, but the temptation is always there when they are bickering in the back seat.  Overall they were well behaved. But perhaps that has something to do with the DVDs playing through the trip! I was going to be thankful for my children this post, but I guess I'm ACTUALLY very grateful for technology.
Technology how I love thee, let me count the ways!
I am thankful for DVDs that entertain, for laptops to play them on, for the Redbox kiosks along the way at which to rent a new movie to catch the children’s interest, and the extra jack in the van to plug the computer into. I love how you can rent a movie in Michigan and return it in Kentucky!!
Note to self: Rent more than one in the actual towns…as the kiosk at the McDonalds at the exit off the highway had NO movies left in it!! Sad but true.
I am grateful for a phone smart enough to show us the way and tell me the turns to make AND play music at the same time! Gotta LOVE my WAZE GPS and Pandora! Both played through the radio - nice. Especially since I didn’t want to listen to RIO 3 more times as I drove. 

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